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In my work, I meet and and get to know amazing and wonderful couples. I have the privilege of taking care of perhaps the most important aspect of what might be the most important day of their lives together. Each couple, no matter how many hundreds I have seen, is different and special. Their love is rich and exciting. This is what I try to capture when I take pictures and this is what my newest promotion is all about.

I am offering 50% off on any package of your chice, for 2013 weddings, to the couple who provides the most compelling love story. Your story will be posted on my website.

How did you meet? How was your first date? Was there a reaction from the parents at first? How is the budget with regard to the wedding? These are just examples of what you might talk about.

You DESERVE premium wedding coverage by me, Emilio Azevedo.
I urge you to try for the promotion. You just might win.

NOTE: Even if your love story is not the chosen one for the big prize you still will enjoy 15% off when booking your 2013 wedding with me!



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